Tom and Jerry In Midnight Snack

Control Jerry by placing cheese arrows in front of him from his plate. Press the Start Button when you think you've placed the arrows so that Jerry will get the key and walk through the closed door. If you've placed arrows and have second thoughts on their positions, just press the Reset Button. Green arrows go away after they've been walked on while yellow ones do not. If Jerry hits a walk or the edge of the playing field, he will turn around and walk in the other direction. When you place a spring in Jerry's path, he'll jump over the square in front of him. Always steer Jerry clear of holes and fans. If you touch either of these you'll lose one of yours 5 lives. If you can, try to pick up the special orange cheese prizes that are in each level. They 're worth bonus points. When you walk Jerry through teleporter, he'll pop out of the other in the same direction that he entered.

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